Weekend Roundup: Bitcoin til $ 60.000, blev Roll hacket?

  • Bitcoin krydser $ 61.000 og afregner over $ 60.000 for første gang nogensinde.
  • ETH ramte niveauet af $ 1940 flere gange, mens han fulgte BTCs føring.
  • Roll social token platform ser ud til at være blevet hacket.

Denne weekend-rundvisning ser Bitcoin for det meste over $ 60.000 søndag efter en ATH på $ 61.711. I mellemtiden vender øjnene sig mod den sociale token-platform Roll og en hack-historie, der udvikler sig.

Bitcoin ATH over $ 60.000

Weekend startede godt for Bitcoin, da BTC kæmpede over tærsklen på $ 60.000 for første gang lørdag. Men inden søndag blev markedet vant til ideen om Bitcoin til denne pris, og mønten ramte en ny All-Time High på $ 61.711, inden den gik tilbage mod $ 60.000-linjen.

ETH Nærmer $ 2.000

Ethereum fulgte Bitcoin og ramte niveauet af $ 1940 midt i weekenden. Ethereum-medstifter, Vitalik Buterin, hævdede i et interview, at netværket snart vil implementere rollups for at øge kapaciteten og reducere omkostningerne.

Udviklingshistorie: Roll Hack

Rapporter på Twitter viser, at der opstod et hack søndag, der nettede omkring 2600 ETH. Den sociale token-platform Roll ser ud til at være den udnyttede part i angrebet, og Roll-teamet er engageret i at løse problemet. Men bortset fra skærmbilleder og advarsler er der kun lidt kendt. BeInCrypto vil følge historien, når den udfolder sig i løbet af ugen.

Top 100 største weekend i weekenden

Den største vinder søndag var Hedera Hashgraph, som steg 39,7%. HBAR-token steg 155,6% i løbet af de syv dage gennem denne rapport. Hedera Hashgraph er et af de få ikke-blockchain-projekter i top 50. I stedet for blokke bruger den en grafkonsensusmodel. Projektet har fået industriel interesse for sent.

Tilsyneladende hjælper muligheden for en Coinbase-liste også.

Meget Coinbase

Med hensyn til Coinbase bragte tilstrømningen af ​​nye tokens og muligheden for, at andre blev ombord, også DOGE-samfundet. Dogeratti pingede deres CEO-for-en-dag Elon Musk lørdag om, hvorvidt en Coinbase-notering ville være en god ting for projektet. Han svarede med et rungende, “Ja!”. Og endelig, i et tegn på normalitet, sprang DOGE-prisen ikke.
Alt, hvad vi kan sige er, “Wow.”

Elon Musk responds to accusations from Binance chief

Dogecoin and bitcoin: Elon Musk responds to accusations from Binance chief

Elon Musk doesn’t seem to like what Binance CEO thinks about him in regards to DOGE and BTC. Musk responds via Twitter.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, made a statement on Bloomberg. It was about Elon Musk and his relationship with Dogecoin. He is very surprised that the Tesla CEO is such a big Dogecoin enthusiast. The CEO of Binance thinks that Musk is not seriously involved in Dogecoin. Rather, he assumes that Musk sympathises with Dogecoin for The News Spy platform unknown personal motives. His statement thus suggests that Musk is primarily making fun of the Dogecoin hype. Especially since he invested in Bitcoin with Tesla and not in Dogecoin.

Tesla’s action is not directly reflective of my opinion. Having some Bitcoin, which is simply a less dumb form of liquidity than cash, is adventurous enough for an S&P500 company.
– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 19, 2021

Tesla’s action does not directly reflect my opinion. Having some bitcoin, which is simply a less stupid form of liquidity than cash, is adventurous enough for an S&P500 company.
Elon Musk via Twitter

DOGE was the victim, or rather the profiteer, of numerous pump-&-dump actions at the beginning of the year

The Tesla CEO could not stand idly by and called Dogecoin the “crypto of the people” (via Twitter). However, he went on to express concern that DOGE has too high a degree of centralisation. Musk’s tweet has since caused the DOGE price to stabilise. There is no denying that the Tesla CEO is sympathetic to Dogecoin. After all, he announced via Twitter that he bought the meme cryptocurrency for his son.

Samson Mow, CSO of Blockstream, commented on Musk’s tweet, “You’re just sad you didn’t buy sooner.” Mow is referring to the already relatively high entry price at which Tesla acquired BTC.

However, Musk also claimed it would be foolish not to seek alternative investments while “fiat money has negative real interest rates”

“If fiat money has negative real interest rates, only a fool would not look elsewhere. Bitcoin is almost like fiat money. The key word is almost.'”
Musk via Twitter

The same sentiment is echoed by Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor, who has repeatedly questioned the US dollar this week. For example, he had announced around another billion US dollars to be exchanged for Bitcoin.

Bitfinex says it repaid its $ 900m loan from Tether

The exchange Bitfinex claims to have fully repaid its 2018 loan from its sister company, Tether Ltd. This line of credit is the focus of attention as it threatened the integrity of the Stablecoin Tether (USDT) and represented a systemic risk for the entire market.

Bitfinex rembourse Tether Ltd

In April 2019, the New York State Attorney General (NYAG) filed a lawsuit accusing the Bitfinex exchange of using the reserves of its sister company Tether Ltd to cover a loss of $ 850 million.

Thus, Tether Ltd, the company behind the stablecoin of the same name, has long been accused of lacking transparency about its reserves . Indeed, the company Tether Ltd must hold funds to guarantee the convertibility and the value of the Tether since 1 USDT = 1 USD .

In a brief statement on Friday February 5, the Bitfinex company claims to have fully repaid its loan to Tether. A final payment of $ 550 million definitively closes the repayment of a loan of $ 900 million from a line of credit first issued in 2018.

We can read in the statement:

“Bitfinex made this payment in fiat currency transferred to Tether’s bank account. All interest owed on the loan has been paid. The loan has now been prepaid and fully repaid and the line of credit has been canceled . ”

Questions remain

However, iFinex – the parent company of Tether and Bitfinex – still faces multiple lawsuits . This line of credit remains at the center of a lawsuit that accuses Bitfinex of market manipulation during the 2017 bubble.

Last month, iFinex also requested that a trial date be pushed back so that the company can produce the documents requested by the attorney general’s office.

Although iFinex’s legal issues don’t go away immediately. Bitfinex and Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino appear to have won a victory over Tether truthers who believe stablecoin presented significant systemic risk to the cryptocurrency market .

But not everyone is of the same opinion. According to Rohan Gray, law professor at Willamette University, it would be a big mistake to adopt an “all’s well that ends well” view even if the repayment has taken place. He added :

“The primary concern that Tether’s assets are not fully secured remains, and its opaque relationship with Bitfinex and certain banking partners remains problematic from an ethical and legal perspective. “

Robinhood legt Berichten zufolge IPO-Pläne nach der PR-Katastrophe von GameStop zurück

Berichten zufolge ist ein Börsengang vorerst nicht in Sicht, da Robinhood sich weiterhin mit den Folgen der GameStop-Saga und dem daraus resultierenden Einbruch des öffentlichen Vertrauens befasst.

Die Handels-App Robinhood hat möglicherweise ihre Pläne für einen Börsengang auf Eis gelegt, nachdem sich die öffentliche Meinung nach der Reaktion auf den kurzen Druck auf GameStop (GME) gegen das Unternehmen gewandt hatte.

Laut Charles Gasparino von Fox Business Network liegt der einzige Schwerpunkt des Unternehmens laut Robinhood darin, die Folgen des Dramas zu überleben, in dem es sich derzeit befindet, und wird seine Pläne für einen Börsengang vorerst unterbrechen.

Wie durch berichtet Techcrunch wurde Robin Hood CEO Vlad Tenev von keinem geringeren als Elon Musk ausgefragt auf invite-only App Clubhaus, wo Tenev das Ausmaß der Firma Verluste aufgedeckt

Laut Tenev stand er am 28. Januar früh auf und fand eine Rechnung der National Securities Clearing Corporation in Höhe von 3 Milliarden US-Dollar, die sofort zahlbar war. Tenev lieferte den Kontext für diese Nummer und sagte:

„Robinhood hat bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt insgesamt rund 2 Milliarden US-Dollar an Risikokapital aufgebracht. Bis jetzt ist es also eine große Zahl, so wie 3 Milliarden Dollar eine große Zahl sind, richtig. “

Das Wall Street Journal berichtete am 1. Februar, dass Robinhood weitere 2,4 Milliarden US-Dollar von Investoren aufgebracht hatte, womit sich der seit letztem Donnerstag gesammelte Gesamtbetrag auf 3,4 Milliarden US-Dollar belief. Obwohl das Unternehmen offenbar keine Probleme mit der Liquidität hat, scheint es begründet zu haben, dass seine derzeitige öffentliche Wahrnehmung einem erfolgreichen Börsengang nicht förderlich wäre.

In der Tat glaubt eine große Mehrheit der befragten Fachleute, dass Robinhood seine Chancen auf einen Börsengang aufgrund seines Verhaltens während der jüngsten GameStop-Saga ruiniert hat

In einer anonymen Umfrage, die über das Blind Networking Forum durchgeführt wurde, wurden 8.750 verifizierte Fachleute von großen Technologie- und Finanzdienstleistungsunternehmen gefragt, ob sie der Meinung sind, Robinhood habe seinen Börsengang „geschraubt“. Die Ergebnisse zeigten, dass 83% der Ansicht waren, dass die Chancen des Unternehmens auf einen erfolgreichen Börsengang irreparabel geschädigt wurden.

Die Antwort von 37 befragten Robinhood-Mitarbeitern war deutlich unterschiedlich. Nur 13,5% glauben, dass das Unternehmen die Möglichkeit eines erfolgreichen Börsengangs zunichte gemacht hat, während 86,5% glauben, dass es noch weitergehen kann.

Ein selbstironischer Kommentar eines Facebook-Mitarbeiters brachte die Ansicht zum Ausdruck, dass der Börsengang noch stattfinden könnte, Robinhood jedoch für immer die gleiche negative öffentliche Meinung wie der allgegenwärtige Social-Media-Riese haben würde. Sie schrieben:

„Robinhood ist das nächste Facebook. Etwas, das Tonnen von Menschen benutzen werden, aber einen negativen Unterton und eine negative Marke haben. “

15,000 Bitcoin in 24 hours: Institutionals fill up their wallets

Institutional investors are making massive acquisitions to ensure that the bull run could enter the next hot phase.

After a stormy start at the beginning of the year, the Bitcoin rally has lost some of its pull

In the course of Wallstreetbet erosion, the Bitcoin price also made a crisp sprint. But since the largest cryptocurrency turned around at $ 38,500, BTC has stuck again at a level between $ 32,000 and $ 35,000. Institutional investors use this phase for subsequent purchases.

As Ki Young Ju, CEO of the on-chain data platform Cryptoquant, announced via Twitter , over 15,000 Bitcoin were withdrawn from Coinbase Pro on yesterday’s trading day, January 31 . The transaction went to custody wallets, which only had incoming transactions. As Ju suspects, “it is likely to be OTC transactions by institutional investors”. This is the “strongest bullish signal”.

The transactions were each between 1,100 and 4,400 Bitcoin

There is no evidence that these are OTC sales. However, according to Ju, for security concerns, there is no reason to distribute a wallet with 15,000 BTC to several wallets with 1,000 to 5,000 BTC. Coinbase Custody is also connected to OTC desks.

OTC sales (over the counter) are direct sales over the counter, mostly to institutional investors. Since trading is not carried out via stock exchanges but via OTC desks, the massive acquisitions do not have a direct effect on the Bitcoin price . However, OTC trading can still price itself in with a slight delay. The OTC stocks must eventually be filled if demand continues to be high. Imbalances between supply and demand in direct trading could therefore fuel the Bitcoin rally again in the medium term.

Ripple-søksmål kan se at investorer lider av “tap av flere milliarder dollar”, sier tidligere SEC-kommisjonær

Joseph Grundfest, tidligere kommisjonær for US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), skrev angivelig til nåværende kommisjonær Jay Clayton og kritiserte søksmålet og bemerket at det kunne se investorer lide “tap på flere milliarder dollar.”

Som rapportert saksøkte SEC Ripple denne uken for påståtte brudd på lovene om investorbeskyttelse da den solgte den tredje største kryptovalutaen etter markedsverdi, XRP. Søksmålet er en av de høyest profilerte SEC-handlingene mot et kryptokurrencyfirma og kom en dag før Clayton kunngjorde at han ville trekke seg.

SEC siktet Ripple-sjef Brad Garlinghouse og medstifter Chris Larsen for å ha deltatt i et ulovlig verdipapirtilbud og sa at selskapet solgte over 14,6 milliarder XRP-tokens siden 2013, verdt over 1,3 milliarder dollar, i et uregistrert tilbud.

Selskapet bestrider påstandene og planlegger å bekjempe søksmålet. Galinghouse sa: “de tar feil når det gjelder lov og faktum.” Søksmålet dreier seg om XRP er et verdipapir som burde vært registrert hos SEC. Siden Ripple ikke registrerte Bitcoin Pro som et verdipapirtilbud, hevder regulatoren at investorer ikke hadde tilstrekkelig informasjon, og som sådan hadde de tiltalte en urettferdig fordel. Det påstås:

Ripple skapte et informasjonsvakuum slik at Ripple og de to innsidere med mest kontroll over det – Larsen og Garlinghouse – kunne selge XRP til et marked som bare hadde informasjonen [de] tiltalte valgte å dele om Ripple og XRP.

I brevet, The Block rapporterer, sa Grundfest at “ingen presserende grunn tvinger umiddelbare håndhevelseshandlinger”, og la til synspunktene til den snart innkommende administrasjonen kan avvike “vesentlig fra dagens perspektiver.” Han la til at søksmålet kan ha en negativ innvirkning på XRP-innehavere, som han kalte “uskyldige tredjeparter.”

Grundfest påpekte at mellommenn vil øke transaksjonen i kryptovaluta på grunn av de juridiske risikoene som er forbundet, noe som resulterer i redusert likviditet som kan se XRPs verdifall. Han la til:

Men bare å initiere handlingen vil påføre uskyldige innehavere av XRP betydelig skade, uavhengig av den ultimate løsningen.

Flere kryptokursutvekslinger har allerede stoppet XRP-handel, og markedsprodusenter kuttet av likviditetsstøtte for den. Som rapportert har Bitwise Asset Management’s Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund (BITW) avviklet sin posisjon i XRP.

Grundtfest la angivelig til at han ikke er kjent med et tilfelle der den “enkle kunngjøringen om en kommisjonens håndhevelsesprosess har, fraværende beskyldninger om svindel, uriktig fremstilling eller utelatelse, forårsaket tap på flere milliarder dollar til uskyldige tredjeparter.”

Han la til at XRP og eter skulle gis samme behandling, ettersom byrået ikke har vist et “vesentlig skille mellom driften av Ether og XRP” som er relevant for anvendelsen av føderale verdipapirlover. Siden søksmålet ble kunngjort har prisen på XRP allerede stupt med rundt 40%.

Bitcoin pris rundt $ 23.000 som et annet Nasdaq-børsnotert firma vil investere i $ BTC

Denne artikkelen ser på hvordan Bitcoin har prestert den siste 24-timersperioden, i tillegg til å undersøke noen av de mer interessante nyere Bitcoin-relaterte nyhetene.

Ifølge data fra TradingView, for tiden (fra og med 12.30 UTC 24. desember), handler Bitcoin rundt $ 23128 på Coinbase.
Coinbase: BTCUSD-diagram av TradingView

Siden Bitcoins likvidforsyning for øyeblikket er 18 581 351, betyr dette at Bitcoins markedsverdi er rundt 430 milliarder dollar.

Når det gjelder den totale markedsverdien for kryptovaluta, viser diagrammet nedenfor av TradingView at dette har endret seg den siste tremånedersperioden:

Onsdag 23. desember fortsatte strømmen av gode nyheter om den institusjonelle adopsjonen av Bitcoin som en inflasjonssikring med enda et Nasdaq-børsnotert selskap som kunngjorde at de vil bruke noe av kontantene sine til å investere i Bitcoin.

Det kanadiske FinTech-firmaet Mogo Inc. (NASDAQ: MOGO) (TSX: MOGO) kunngjorde at det “planlegger å foreta en innledende foretaksinvestering på opptil $ 1,5 millioner i bitcoin” og at det “vil vurdere ytterligere investeringer i 2021 når det tjener penger på sine $ 17 million investeringsportefølje. ” Dette første kjøpet “representerer omtrent 1,5% av Mogos totale eiendeler ved utgangen av tredje kvartal 2020.”

The head of the Abkhazian Ministry of Economy said that he is not involved in mining.

The Minister of Economy of Abkhazia and former presidential candidate Adgur Ardzinba rejected all accusations of clandestine mining. Rumours that he is mining cryptographic currency have spread on social networks, TASS reports.

The former presidential candidate sent a letter to Prosecutor General Adgur Ardzinba denying reports that he was allegedly involved in mining. In addition, Ardzinba demanded that those spreading such rumours be held accountable.

A similar letter was sent to Robert Kiut, Acting Head of the Republic’s Security Service.

Unknown persons in the social networks had previously disseminated data that one of the largest mining farms in Abkhazia is located in the Gali district. It supposedly works illegally and belongs to the Minister of Economy.

Currently, Ardzinba heads the opposition “Abkhazian People’s Movement”. Therefore, his supporters do not rule out that someone is purposefully trying to discredit politics in the eyes of the public.

In Abkhazia, despite the measures taken by the authorities, clandestine mining continues to grow. Local residents are not in a hurry to register as individual entrepreneurs, as required by the law on legalisation of crypto engine mining.

People are launching mining farms in garages, sheds and other premises and are secretly connecting them to the grid so as not to pay for electricity. The authorities have previously repeatedly stressed that underground miners pose a threat to the energy security of Abkhazia.

In order to strike at such residents, from mid-November officials began fanning blackouts in several parts of the republic.

XRP price explosion to $ 0.90 followed by sharp correction by problems on Coinbase

Ripple (XRP) is the bank coin and is already used by many. The picture shows many XRP Coins with a smartphone and course history.

After its rapid rise to $ 0.90 on Coinbase, the XRP price collapsed again just as spectacularly within seconds. Nonetheless, Ripple’s native cryptocurrency has undoubtedly awoken from its deep winter and has seen a real price explosion with a price increase of 53.4% ​​in the last 24 hours.

The XRP price climbed to over $ 0.90 on the US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase today, and then plummeted by about 30% within seconds. BitQT review thus marked its highest price level since May 2018 – if only briefly.

In this article, we’ll look at what’s behind this roller coaster ride of the XRP course and how Coinbase has to do with it. Of course, we also take a look at the chart to analyze how things could go from here.

What is behind the rapid rise and fall in prices? Where is the journey headed for XRP? Let’s find out!

XRP course blast powered by Coinbase traders

The price level near the $ 1 mark was apparently driven by Coinbase traders. The assumption is reasonable since the XRP price did not reach the same highs on other exchanges. Bitstamp and Binance, for example, only saw a high of “only” $ 0.79 during the same spike.

The rapid increase in the XRP price on Coinbase followed by the crash. Source: Tradingview.
Many also suspect that the sudden crash is directly related to technical problems on Coinbase. In any case, the hashtag “Coinbase” on Twitter started to get under fire in the United States.

While Coinbase’s official status page currently states that everything is working normally, other sources show that the exchange is actually struggling. For example, the following graph shows that there were defaults on the stock exchange this morning.

Ripple’s Buy Back program boosts the price

Attentive readers of CryptoMonday.de should not have missed the fact that a positive momentum has developed in the XRP course.

Also read : XRP price increase of 173%? According to the analyst, the bullrun should now also reach Ripple’s XRP

Both from a technical point of view and more fundamentally, there were enough indicators that pointed this out. Above all, the news about a so-called “buy-back program” from Ripple in its last quarterly report should have given the necessary confidence in the future price trend of the cryptocurrency.

On the weekly chart of XRP we can also see that a complex head-shoulder-bottom formation had formed and, when crossing the neckline, led to an explosive price increase within the last two weeks. But it is clear that this steep rise calls for a correction. Especially since $ 0.80 appears to be resistance.

Possible support levels are found at $ 0.60 and $ 0.50. Should the XRP course succeed in establishing one of these levels as support, this would in any case be constructive for its future price development. Ripple’s XRP is currently trading at $ 0.65.

China Construction Bank forudbetaler uventet Bitcoin for $ 3 milliarder obligationer

China Construction Bank , verdens næststørste bank efter aktiver, har annonceret en flerfaseplan om at rejse 3 milliarder dollars fra salget af obligationer, der kan købes med Bitcoin og amerikanske dollars. Råvaren (virtuelle valutaer, såsom Bitcoin, bestemmes som råvarer i henhold til Commodity Exchange Act eller CEA), er for nylig steget til over $ 16.000 pr. Bitcoin – et højdepunkt, som den stigende efterspørgsel fra Kina hjalp den med at nå.

Sidste uge meddelte China Construction Bank , at digitale certifikater til en værdi af 58 millioner dollars vil være tilgængelige for offentligt abonnement på Fusang Exchange, en Malaysia-baseret kurs, der letter handel med kryptokurver. Fusang har forsinket noteringen indtil yderligere varsel, i henhold til anmodningen fra udstederen Longbond Ltd. China Construction Banks Labuan-filial kunne ikke nås for kommentar.

Rulning af den digitale yuan

Kina fortsætter med at stramt regulere Bitcoin og andre kryptokurver, selv når det begynder udrulningen af ​​sin meget forventede digitale yuan. Andre lande overvejer også muligheden for at lancere deres egen digitale centralbanks valuta. Listen over regeringer, der har annonceret deres planer, er Storbritannien, Schweiz, Norge, Sverige, Danmark, Spanien, Holland, Litauen, Tyskland, Israel, Iran, Japan, Sydkorea, Thailand, Singapore, Indien, Canada, Sydafrika , Australien, New Zealand, Uruguay, Marshalløerne og Bahamas.

Den digitale yuan understøttes af centralbanken, og analytikere siger, at pilotprojektet har udvidet Kinas føring i løbet af udviklingen af ​​en centralbanks digitale valuta. Det er designet til at erstatte pengesedler og mønter i omløb, ikke langsigtede indskud på bankkonti.

I modsætning til kryptokurver bruger yuanen ikke blockchain, distribueret ledger-teknologi, der gør det muligt at validere transaktioner uden behov for banker.

Både handelsbankdistributører og centralbanken holder databaser, der sporer strømmen af ​​digital yuan fra en bruger til den næste

Fra et brugerperspektiv downloader brugerne en digital tegnebog, hvor deres midler er gemt, som genererer en QR-kode, der kan scannes på betalingsterminaler. Kommercielle banker vil spille en rolle i distributionen af ​​den digitale valuta til brugerne. For at gøre det skal de deponere det samme beløb af deres reserver i People’s Bank of China som den digitale yuan, de distribuerer.

Udbredt brug af den digitale valuta vil give politikere i Kina større synlighed om, hvordan penge strømmer rundt om Kinas økonomi. Deres synlighed forbedres for at spore enhver ulovlig strøm af midler og eksperimenter ved at målrette pengepolitiske indgreb på specifikke økonomiske klasser, regioner eller grupper.

Under ekstreme økonomiske forhold ville det også give dem mulighed for at have negative renter for kontanter.

La mise à niveau imminente d’Ethereum pourrait être un catalyseur majeur pour les marchés ETH et Altcoin, selon les analystes de Binance

L’échange cryptographique mondial Binance vient de publier son dernier rapport de trading, analysant l’état des marchés Bitcoin, Ethereum et altcoin.

Le rapport met en évidence la domination de Bitcoin en octobre et début novembre, qui a éclaté la bulle DeFi (finance décentralisée) et fait baisser le prix de nombreux actifs cryptographiques

«Les crypto-monnaies à grande capitalisation telles que ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC et LINK ont enregistré des gains modestes en octobre, mais n’ont pas réussi à franchir de nouveaux sommets alors que l’activité de trading s’est déplacée vers Bitcoin Code. Pendant de nombreux mois, les altcoins ont été le principal moteur des retours pour les traders de crypto.

Ainsi, il n’est pas surprenant que les altcoins semblent perdre de la vitesse et se désharmoniser avec le rallye de Bitcoin … Depuis la correction de début septembre, la plupart des jetons DeFi ont affiché un redressement complet, effaçant 70 à 90% de leurs gains.

Les analystes de Binance s’attendent maintenant à ce que Bitcoin entre dans une période de temps de recharge après sa soudaine explosion à 16000 $

Ils citent la récente fourchette de consolidation de BTC dans la région de 10000 à 12000 dollars comme exemple de ce qui pourrait être la prochaine étape pour la principale crypto-monnaie.

En ce qui concerne l’avenir du marché de l’altcoin, l’échange pointe vers le lancement prochain d’Ethereum 2.0 en tant que catalyseur potentiel pour l’ETH et le marché de l’altcoin dans son ensemble.

«La mise à niveau devrait avoir un impact positif sur ETH car elle améliorera considérablement la compatibilité, l’évolutivité et la sécurité du réseau.

En outre, la mise à niveau transformera le mécanisme de consensus d’Ethereum en une preuve d’enjeu, incitant les investisseurs à conserver et à verrouiller leur Ether pour le jalonnement des récompenses. Cela réduira alors l’offre de jetons ETH tandis que la demande continue de croître, alors que les grands investisseurs affluent pour rechercher des gains réguliers …

Compte tenu de ces catalyseurs, la mise à niveau pourrait faire sortir l’ETH de son récent effondrement et potentiellement injecter un sentiment plus positif dans le secteur de l’altcoin.