The head of the Abkhazian Ministry of Economy said that he is not involved in mining.

The Minister of Economy of Abkhazia and former presidential candidate Adgur Ardzinba rejected all accusations of clandestine mining. Rumours that he is mining cryptographic currency have spread on social networks, TASS reports.

The former presidential candidate sent a letter to Prosecutor General Adgur Ardzinba denying reports that he was allegedly involved in mining. In addition, Ardzinba demanded that those spreading such rumours be held accountable.

A similar letter was sent to Robert Kiut, Acting Head of the Republic’s Security Service.

Unknown persons in the social networks had previously disseminated data that one of the largest mining farms in Abkhazia is located in the Gali district. It supposedly works illegally and belongs to the Minister of Economy.

Currently, Ardzinba heads the opposition „Abkhazian People’s Movement“. Therefore, his supporters do not rule out that someone is purposefully trying to discredit politics in the eyes of the public.

In Abkhazia, despite the measures taken by the authorities, clandestine mining continues to grow. Local residents are not in a hurry to register as individual entrepreneurs, as required by the law on legalisation of crypto engine mining.

People are launching mining farms in garages, sheds and other premises and are secretly connecting them to the grid so as not to pay for electricity. The authorities have previously repeatedly stressed that underground miners pose a threat to the energy security of Abkhazia.

In order to strike at such residents, from mid-November officials began fanning blackouts in several parts of the republic.